Revolutionize your understanding of meetings
Enterprise knowledge discovery for meetings, audio, and video

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Top features

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Cross-platform support for meetings, podcasts, video
People & Topic Search
Key moments in meetings, podcasts and videos
Multi-Lingual Support
Works in any language
Video & Audio Reporting
Translate and transcribe, speaker and topic analytics
Voice & Image Recognition
Cross-platform identification, emotional detection
Add social, news, podcasts, video, and private CRM or HR content to the conversation

How we differentiate

iClerk AI Assistant
iClerk™ is an AI-powered bot that attends your meetings, translates and transcribes what is said, and creates succinct meeting summaries that can be shared.
Team Analytics
Analyze meetings across time. Search for people and topics, understand team relationships and emotions across meetings, interviews, podcasts, and videos.
Multi-Lingual Support
Works in any language, for your international business needs.

Pricing built for any team size



Everything you need to get started:
✓500 minutes of meetings
✓Calendar Integration
✓Meeting Library

per month

Everything from the Individual plan + these features:
✓5000 minutes of meetings
✓Calendar Integration
✓Meeting Library

minimum 5 seats

Everything from the Premium plan + these features:
✓Unlimited meetings
✓Enhanced reporting
✓Relationship Graphs
✓Real Time Annotation
✓Generative Work Product
✓System Monitoring
✓Multi-Modal Content
✓Security/IP Protection
✓User Management
Revolutionize your understanding of meetings
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